Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

Whether you were born with a deformed jawbone or it developed later in life, ridge augmentation can correct it. Fixing dental ridge deformities can prevent further oral problems and increase aesthetics.

Learn more about why you might need ridge modification and how the procedure works here. 

What is Ridge Augmentation? 

In simple terms, ridge augmentation replaces any lost bone in your jaws, regardless of what happened to it. 

Ridge augmentation, or ridge modification, is a dental procedure that corrects the shape of a deformed dental ridge through bone grafts. It promotes natural bone growth, but it isn’t a permanent fix by itself. 

Why Would You Need Ridge Augmentation?

You need ridge augmentation to correct jawbone deformities. Here are some things that can lead to your bone becoming deformed:

  • Birth defects

  • Periodontal disease

  • Physical trauma

  • Living with a missing tooth for an extended period

  • Wearing dentures

What Is a Dental Ridge?

A dental ridge is the portion of your jawbone that connects to the roots of your teeth. It is essential for keeping your teeth in place and forming the shape of your jawbone.

What Are the Benefits of Ridge Modification?

There are several benefits of ridge modification: it restores your jawbone to its proper shape, allows you to receive important restorative dental work, and can even enhance the aesthetics of your facial structure. 

  1. Allows for Restorative Dental Procedures
  2. When your dental ridge is misshapen, it limits how effective certain dental procedures can be. It also increases health risks associated with dental work, as there could be empty sockets and deteriorated bone.

    For example, dentists can’t place dental implants in a collapsed ridge. If they did, the implant would probably fail due to a lack of support. Also, if an implant were to be placed on a collapsed top ridge, sinus issues would be likely.

  3. Prevent Further Damage
  4. The more a dental ridge collapses, the more surrounding teeth are affected. Your teeth will shift, become harder to clean, and are more likely to get damaged. 

    If you don't seek treatment for a deteriorated dental ridge, it can snowball into many more serious health problems. It's best to see your local dentist if you believe your dental ridge has been compromised for any reason. 

  5. Increase Aesthetics
  6. If your dental ridge collapses enough, it can change the shape of your face and add years to your appearance. 

    Ridge modification replaces this lost bone, restoring the natural shape of your face and giving you the confidence you could have been missing! 

What Is the Ridge Augmentation Process?

Ridge augmentation is accomplished using bone grafts, so the process is essentially the same. 

Here's how the ridge augmentation procedure works: 

  1. Your gum is cut open to expose the bone

  2. The depression is filled with bone grafting material 

  3. The incision is stitched closed

Ridge Modification in Fremont, CA

If you’re near Fremont, CA and need ridge augmentation, we can help. Don’t let your missing tooth cause more problems down the road — book an appointment online or call our office today!


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