Periodontics is focused on the health of gum tissue and jawbones, which are commonly affected by gum disease. 

Periodontics has been around for over 100 years. It has dramatically reduced the amount of tooth loss as a result of poor hygiene.

While Chew Dental hasn’t been around for as long as periodontics, we have been helping patients in Fremont, CA for over 30 years! 

Learn more about what periodontics is and the services we offer at our dental office in Fremont, CA. 

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry practiced by a periodontist. It focuses on the surrounding and supporting structure of teeth. This includes soft tissue and bone.

The goal of periodontics is to prevent, diagnose, and treat periodontal disease, or gum disease.

What Does Periodontics Involve?

Periodontics involves the removal of harmful bacteria from your teeth and surrounding tissue. The level of periodontal disease progression affects the periodontal treatment process.

For example, mild periodontal disease is treated by scaling and root planing. This involves scraping built-up plaque from the teeth and below the gums. 

On the other hand, severe periodontal disease could require multiple surgeries, bone grafts, and gum grafts to give your teeth the support they need.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, better known as gum disease, is an infection caused by poor oral hygiene.

If you don’t clean plaque from your teeth, it can accumulate and cause deterioration of your gums, teeth, and bone. Early treatment of gum disease is crucial, as it prevents further damage from being done. 

Periodontal Treatment in Fremont, CA 

Specializing in periodontics requires extra school beyond regular dental school. Dr. Chew is dedicated to keeping your oral health in great shape! Here are some of the periodontal treatment options we provide. 

Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling and root planing treatment is almost always used in every stage of periodontal disease. 

It involves using tools to scrape and remove plaque and tartar from the base of your teeth and beneath your gum line.

Pocket Irrigation

Pocket irrigation is used to clean plaque from below the gum line. It is performed in conjunction with scaling and root planing or pocket reduction surgery to rid your gums of plaque. However, pocket irrigation can be used as a stand-alone cleaning procedure. 

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Gum disease causes the connective tissue that supports your gums to deteriorate. This leads to pockets forming in them, allowing plaque to collect. 

To prevent this, pocket reduction surgery is performed so you can clean your gum lines with normal, at-home oral hygiene. 

Gum Grafting

When periodontal disease deteriorates your gums to a certain point, gum grafting is necessary. 

It may sound scary, but at the level of gum recession that warrants grafts, you will probably be in pain from the roots of your teeth being exposed. Because of this, gum grafting will most likely make you more comfortable by covering the exposed roots. 

Bone Grafting

Neglecting gum disease for an extended period will result in bone loss. When this happens, it is detrimental to oral health and aesthetics. 

With limited support, your teeth will begin to shift and can even fall out. At this stage, a bone graft is the only way to properly hold your teeth or implants in place.

Soft Tissue Grafting

When talking about soft tissue grafts, we are usually referring to the grafting of connective tissue. 

Like gum grafts, soft tissue grafts are a common fix for exposed roots. The procedure usually involves taking tissue from a small flap in your mouth and attaching it to the exposed area.

Soft tissue grafting is an important step in giving your teeth support after deterioration from gum disease.

What are the Benefits of Periodontics?

Periodontics is beneficial because it can allow for overall improved quality of life. Gum disease is uncomfortable to live with and often leads to a decline in overall health. 

Healthier Bite

Periodontal treatment ensures your bite is as healthy as possible. By getting rid of plaque and the potential for gum disease, your smile will stay healthy and free of infection.

When the soft tissue and bone begin to deteriorate from infection, your teeth aren't soundly held in place. This lack of stability causes them to loosen, shift, and eventually fall out. 

Misaligned and missing teeth cause more harm than just lowering confidence. Tooth misalignment or the absence of one or more teeth can cause further damage to otherwise healthy teeth. Not to mention, straight teeth are easier to clean.

Healthier Body

Keeping your dental health in good shape translates to better health for your entire body. Even if it might not seem like it, oral hygiene plays a huge role in your overall health. 

When plaque gets below your gum line, it can enter your bloodstream and cause blockages in your arteries. This can cause a heart attack or stroke. 

Additionally, having healthy teeth and a healthy mouth promotes better nutrient absorption. It also helps digestion because healthy teeth can break down food better.

Better Smile

Periodontics helps stabilize your teeth when the supporting structures deteriorate from periodontal disease. If the soft tissue and bone that supports your teeth break down, your teeth will shift, become loose, and even fall out.

By treating gum disease at its source, instead of waiting for it to cause more oral hygiene problems, you'll keep your teeth strong and healthy! 

Periodontics in Fremont, California

If you think you might need periodontics, come into our office for an evaluation. Periodontal disease shouldn’t be ignored. It will only get worse and cause more problems. Don’t wait - call us or book an appointment today! 


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