What Is Periodontal Disease Maintenance?

Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in America. It is an irreversible infection of the gums that deteriorates your gums, teeth, and supporting bones.

You should take gum disease seriously as it can lead to many health problems. Even after you've received gum disease treatment, you’re not necessarily out of the water. 

You will need ongoing periodontal maintenance to ensure your mouth stays healthy and infection-free. Here's how periodontal maintenance looks. 

What Is Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance consists of regular visits to the dentist for deep cleaning and monitoring of periodontal disease. 

It's an important part of the overall periodontal disease treatment process. Ongoing monitoring and deep cleaning keep your mouth healthy and unsure your gum disease doesn't come back. 

The main goals of periodontal maintenance are:

  • To prevent or lower the risk of the recurrence of gum infection in those previously treated for it

  • To prevent or reduce the risk of tooth loss through careful monitoring

  • To increase the chances of finding and treating other oral conditions as soon as possible

How Do I Know if I Need Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is important for anyone who has received treatment for periodontal disease. Without regular professional dental cleanings, there's a high chance gum disease will come back.

Additionally, the following groups of people have an even greater risk of seeing gum disease return:

  • Tobacco users

  • People over 65

  • Those with high-stress jobs

  • Those with several family members who have had gum disease

  • Those that suffer from xerostomia (dry mouth)

  • Those with diabetes

  • Those at risk of stroke or heart attack

  • Pregnant women

  • Those who are overweight or have poor nutrition

How Often Do You Need Periodontal Maintenance?

Depending on your risk for recurrence, you should schedule periodontal maintenance every three to four months. This will allow for close monitoring and sufficient cleaning.

Between visits, it’s important to practice regular oral hygiene at home. This means flossing at least once a day and brushing at least twice. During your next visit, ask your dentist what they recommend for at-home care.

Will I Need Periodontal Maintenance Forever?

You will need to continue periodontal maintenance for as long as you wish to stay gum disease-free. 

Studies show a much lower recurrence rate in those who undergo regular periodontal maintenance.

What Does Periodontal Maintenance Involve?

Periodontal maintenance needs differ from person to person and can change from appointment to appointment. Nevertheless, here is what it usually involves.

  • Pocket Depth Measurement - Measuring the depth of your gum pockets tells us whether your gums are receding or not. A healthy pocket has a depth of between one and three millimeters.

  • Deep Cleaning - On top of the regular cleaning you would get during a normal visit, you may need scaling and root planing. This is a deep cleaning that involves scraping plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum before planing your gums. This simply means smoothing your gum pockets to discourage bacteria from growing and promote attachment to your teeth.

  • Antiseptic Cleanse - Rinsing your gums with an antiseptic will kill any remaining bacteria and limit bacteria regrowth.

  • X-Rays - X-rays are important to track the progress of your oral health. They allow the dentist to monitor bone structure and the roots of your teeth. 

Why Is Periodontal Maintenance Important?

Periodontal maintenance is crucial to keep your mouth healthy after gum disease treatment. It removes plaque and tartar from deep within the gums to keep gum disease away. 

Cost of Periodontal Maintenance

The cost of periodontal maintenance depends on a few factors: the severity of your gum disease, the treatments you need to cure it, and how well you've kept up with regular dental visits. 

Many insurance companies provide coverage for periodontal treatment, including periodontal maintenance. Unfortunately, each insurance provider has slightly different criteria you have to meet for them to cover you.

We encourage you to contact your respective insurance company to avoid any surprises.

Periodontal Maintenance in Fremont, CA

After finishing treatment for gum disease, you should not overlook periodontal maintenance. It’s essential to keep periodontal disease at bay, and our dental office in Fremont, CA is here to help.

Schedule an appointment online or call us today to start your periodontal maintenance. 


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