Apicoectomies in Fremont, CA

An apicoectomy is a common dental procedure that helps restore your mouth and keep it healthy when root canal treatment isn’t sufficient.

Here is a breakdown of what an apicoectomy is and a few key things to know about it.

What is Apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy, or root-end surgery, is a dental procedure that removes inflamed and infected tissue and the end of your tooth’s root. Besides removing damaged or infected tissue, it allows dentists to access the inside of your tooth if root canal treatment isn’t effective.

Apicoectomies are performed after a root canal treatment fails to remove all of the dental pulp.

What is the Process for an Apicoectomy?

  • X-Rays - Depending on when you last had x-rays taken of your mouth, they may be the first step. X-rays will show the extent of damage you have and help your dentist create a plan of action.

  • Local Anesthetics - Before the procedure can start, local anesthetics are administered for your comfort.

  • Incision - When the anesthetic takes effect, your dentist will make a small incision in your gum to reveal the underlying bone.

  • Accessing Root and Infection - With access to your bone, your dentist will cut a small hole to expose the tooth root and any surrounding infection.

  • Root End and Infection Removal - Your dentist will then remove any affected areas, including the end of your tooth’s root, infected tissues, and cysts that may be present.

  • Filling - When your root ends get cut off, it exposes your root canal, so your dentist will seal it with a filling before the incision can be closed.

  • Stitches - After removing the necessary tissue, your dentist will close the incision with stitches.

Do Apicoectomies Hurt?

The apicoectomy procedure does not hurt because of the local anesthetic. However, the incision site will be tender for a couple of days following your surgery. 

To promote healing and avoid pain, sleep with your head elevated, and don’t chew on the side you had your apicoectomy.

Why Would You Need An Apicoectomy?

You would need an apicoectomy to remove dental pulp, infections, and cysts inaccessible by a root canal treatment. Apicoectomies are essential procedures to help save your tooth from rotting and falling out.

Are There Alternatives to an Apicoectomy?

Unfortunately, the only effective alternative to an apicoectomy is to extract the entire tooth — no other procedure gives dentists access to the infection or damaged tooth root. 

While extraction can fix the current issue, you will need to replace the tooth to prevent the supporting bone from decaying. Restorative dental procedures such as dental implants or bridges are usually the strongest options.

Apicoectomy Procedure in Fremont, CA

The need for an apicoectomy is usually caught during regular dental appointments and is recommended by your dentist. 

However, if you believe you need this procedure or have gone through unsuccessful root canals, schedule an appointment with our Fremont, CA dentist.


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