I have never reviewed a dentist before, but Dr. Rodney Chew is worth reviewing.
This is a list of why you should go to this dentist:
1. His name is Dr. "CHEW". As in chewing and he is a dentist. That one's easy.
2. He takes care of his patients. I recently had two incredibly stubborn wisdom teeth pulled. He walked me through the process, made sure I knew what was going to happen and has been in touch with me to make sure my healing process is going well. He really took the effort to make sure I was doing well as a patient.
3. He is an awesome dentist. He's competent, he gets things done quickly and smoothly and makes sure his staff are operating on the same basis he is.

And that is the end of the list. Go to this guy. He is rad.

Julian Jacobson

I havent seen to a dentist in a long time but they were very helpful and patient answering my questions. The whole experience was quick and easy. Thanks Chew Dental Group!

Aaron Yao

Rodney is the best dentist I have ever seen. He makes you you feel very comfortable by explaining the situation and procedures he is going to perform. My whole family along with 6 years old has been going to this place for years. He is also very good with little ones. Staff is very friendly. We never had any issue with billing. I highly recommended this place.

Bikram S.